Currier TK delivers construction services as a licensed contractor in multiple states across the USA including Florida, California and Maryland.

Since 2018, our construction firm primarily specializes in fuel and deicing system construction, re-construction, temporary facilities and construction management within North America. Our firm emphasizes a nimble and responsive attitude that is central to success within our ‘turn-key’ model. TK was founded in response to a request from Currier & Company (C&C) clients who requested C&C to provide a turn-key alternative to pre-existing larger and less nimble construction options. As a result, TK does not compete with larger firms that provide construction services for projects above $8 MM, but we do compete very well under this number in the design-build arena, since our firm is partnered with C&C for all of our design needs.

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Specializing in turn-key projects for the aviation fueling industry.

Currier TK was formed as a long-term solution to provide best-value project delivery to our Aviation Industry partners.

Potential clients will see that we provide a “Turn Key” firm that supplements and expands the robust design capabilities available from our founding firm – Currier & Company (C&C) and reduces the project construction burdens that have been systemically transferred to client staff, budgets, operations and management. As a Turn-Key, Currier TK provides the highest level of expertise in the aviation fuel system construction marketplace and their managers and staff have constant access to C&C’s broad technical and operational expertise. Our clients acknowledge our project delivery track record to manage projects on budget, without delay and problem free.

Your vision. Our Expertise.

Together, TK and C&C have established a reputation for accomplishing the nearly impossible when time constraints are beyond the reach of common design-build teams.

For the $11 MM in project value done and operating (to date), all was delivered on time or early and all was delivered on or under budget. In fact, we had only 3 change-orders in our history and all were for external issues outside of owner’s and our control. Together, we accomplished all of this work in compliant ways and without the systemic bickering that is common on many projects regardless of delivery method.

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TK is driven by a desire to be great at what we do, make use of existing materials when possible, look for cost savings for the owner, and build systems that are affordable and operational on time. Turn-key is our model and we excel at providing it.

Both TK and C&C have low overhead because of four reasons: our business model, our efficiency, our depth of knowledge (broad perspective) and our ability to avoid costly mistakes. Planning is essential, certainly, and so is knowing what to do, why it must be done and doing it well the first time.

Our operations perspective is born from Mr. Paul Wells, President and part Owner in TK. Mr. Chris Olson is the Chief Operations Officer and part owner of TK and he directs and manages all construction activity and he assigns management tasks to C&C Construction Managers when multiple projects overlap. Together, we are effective and efficient.

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From Coast to Coast, we deliver value to our clients.

We now have a Tampa, Florida office as well as our Los Angeles, California to better serve our clients. We look forward in hearing from you.