Jon Currier, P.E.

Los Angeles, CA
Commercial Aviation


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington 1981

Professional Engineering Registrations (over 30 states)

California PE License Number: M30129
Kentucky, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and others


  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – member
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – member
  • American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association (AREMA) – member
  • National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) – member
  • Energy Institute (EI) – past member
  • National Petroleum Management Association (NPMA) – member
  • National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM) – member
  • IATA Strategic Partner – Alternative Fuels Group (prior member)

Employment History

Currier & Company, Inc. – Founder and President

Argus Consulting, Inc. – Founder and Chairman till 2002. Chief Marketing Officer

W.L. Thompson, Inc. – Associate, Project Manager and Fuel Department Manager

JA Jones/Metric
– Project Engineer and Safety Manager: Plant Scherer Power Plant, Georgia
JA Jones/Metric
– Power/Construction Manager: Florida Power & Light, South Carolina
HJ Kaiser
– Area Engineer: Great Plains Coal Gasification Plant, North Dakota
Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco Power Division
– Lead Construction Manager: NSSS, NuclearSteam Supply System, Hanford Units 1 and 4, Washington state


Mr. Currier has more than 30 years of petroleum liquid fuels consulting experience with projects ranging from refining facility work to downstream terminals – including numerous airport fuel distribution systems. The liquid distillate projects he has led include a wide spectrum of systems – from fuel recovery packages and blending systems to extensive and elaborate facilities dispensing over 100,000 bbls daily on some of the largest airports in the United States. Mr. Currier is a recognized leader within the aviation fueling marketplace and the design consulting industry that supports it. With a majority of his experience in jet fuel, he has programmed, designed and retrofitted a wide range of aviation facility projects for GA airports, FBO’s and major airports. Mr. Currier has led design and construction efforts on hundreds of aircraft fueling and Jet-A hydrant system projects and has provided expert testimony on aviation systems and their related fuel infrastructure. Other significant experience has included program manager, third-party design reviews, project logistics, project phasing, troubleshooting of facility issues, and owner’s representation.

Mr. Currier’s experience extends throughout the United States with a broad background and varying set of roles including managing engineer, lead fueling engineer, licensed contractor, construction engineer and construction contracts manager for projects up to and over $1B.

Mr. Currier founded two nationally recognized consulting engineering firms that specialize in design and construction of aviation fueling. His core valves of integrity, accountability and teamwork shape his practice.


Most Recent and On-going Projects

JFK 2015: The Airline Consortium at JFK hired Mr. Currier to develop an RFP to which selected design firms were solicited to respond – for new 80K bbl storage tanks at JFK (Bulk). The work also included the new development of an objective assessment of the responses – along with a customized JFK weighting system that was used to assist the airlines in reaching a consensus decision for their consultant (Argus).

MCO 2012-present: Principal in Charge and Project Manager for the on-airport fuel receipt, storage and aviation hydrant distribution facility supplying the Orlando International Airport (MCO). Project modified the existing hydrant system to provide sophisticated leak detection, fire protection engineering, containment of large AST’s, main power improvements, control system upgrades, hydrant vault modifications, new control and management building, and fire detection systems. Bids came in under budget and the project is now projected to finish in June of 2015 with a budget surplus. Mr. Currier completed very successful negotiations on behalf of the owner with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) leading to substantial cost savings. Project is on time and under budget, allowing for additional projects to be considered and accomplished.

MIA 2011-present: Professional engineering advisor to the MIA Fuel Committee during the effort to re-establish fuel supply to the airport after a fire at the fuel facility disabled all outbound pumping capacity. Performed a risk analysis that was then applied at multiple fuel facilities in major stations throughout the US including JFK, LAX, ORD, and DFW. Currently providing on-call support.

BDL 2013-present: Professional Engineering services including programming and 100% design and construction administration services needed to substantially improve the three basic elements of the BDL fuel system installed in 1973. The project addressed the needs of the Bulk Aviation Fuel Storage Facility, the Aviation Fuel System Transmission Line and the Airside Fuel Facilities. The needs and requirements of Buckeye Pipeline and the absolute operational integrity of the BDL fuel system during the major project are critical design elements. Key project goals included mitigating high groundwater table, retrofit both AST storage tanks by raising them and replacing each bottom in phases, add a new HMI and make substantial fire protection, power, emergency power, and piping improvements while maintaining daily fuel system operation. Conceptualize a new Buckeye receipt station on site and provide this information to Buckeye on behalf of the client (Signature/ASIG). The entire project was led by Mr. Currier. Construction will extend through June of 2016.

PHX 2015-2017: Engineer of Record and Project Manager for American Airlines/US Airways Gate Realignment Project for Concourses N1, N2, N3 and N4. The project includes hydrant system rework to accommodate the complete re-assignment of and re-parking for the newly proposed aircraft mix and hydrant system safety boundaries. Included are jetbridge relocations, 400Hz power and PCA air conditioning systems.

PHX 2015-2019: Engineer of record on a quick-paced project to lower nearly 140 fuel system pits surrounding three PHX concourses for the fuel facility owner, Arizona Fuel Facilities, LLC. The ramp design is being performed under AECOM and Currier integrated the fuel plans within the FAA specifications and AECOM plans for permit and construction. Design was completed in 3 weeks.

PHX 2012-2014: Engineer of Record and Project Manager for a new Fuel Recovery System serving the PHX Sky Harbor Fuel Facility.

LAX 2011-present: Project Manager and Peer Review services for the International Airlines related to the aviation fueling hydrant systems at the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX. Services included detailed aircraft parking analysis and safety coordination of into-plane tasks, hydrant fuel design support, review of construction plans, schedules and practices, interface with LAWA, ADG and LAXFUEL/PLH.

BWI 2013: Professional assessment of, and recommendations for repair and replacement of Jet-A storage tanks and related infrastructure for Aircraft Services International Group (ASIG).

IND 2013-2014: Professional assessment of, and recommendations for capacity changes, surge protection and upgrades to fuel, electrical and fire protection systems for the FedEx Fuel Facility at IND. Working with the operator, developed a phased approach to a major retrofit and provided a detailed cost estimate. Mr. Currier led the development of 100% CD’s for the removal of Tank #3’s IFR (Internal Floating Roof) which required tank infrastructure changes along with Fire Protection modifications. Project was fast-tracked be completed prior to the FedEx holiday peak. Work is 100% complete.

LGA: (Multiple Projects) During 2016, Mr. Currier developed and presented an updated hydrant system plan and engineer’s estimate for a new hydrant system to serve the New Terminal B and the Proposed Delta Terminal. Following that evaluation and report, Currier was then hired by the PANYNJ to complete a payback analysis broken down by stakeholder. During 2010 and 2011, Mr. Currier was Principal in Charge for an evaluation of fuel options for the planned terminal project at LGA. In addition, Mr. Currier performed fuel related consulting efforts and reviews of new terminal concepts developed by others for the airlines.

JFK (Multiple Projects) Mr. Currier provided Professional Engineering services as the Engineer-of-Record and Project Manager for multiple hydrant fuel system and Jet-A projects for Terminals 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8 and the Bulk and Satellite Fuel Facilities. His clients included the PANYNJ, the Airlines, Terminal Management Firms, Allied Aviation and the PANYNJ. During 2011, Mr. Currier completed the thumbnail Risk Analysis of the JFK Aviation Fuel Systems for the PANYNJ. In addition, he completed both the Inbound Pipeline Analysis for the Bulk Facility at JFK and the Due Diligence Analysis of the fueling systems at JFK for the JFK Airline Committee. During 2010, together with other consulting firms and teammates, Mr. Currier led and performed the JFK Fuel System Integrity and Categorization of the underground fuel piping serving JFK (for risk analysis and order of priority). During 2009, Mr. Currier planned and then wrote the Basis-of-Design for the Delta Redevelopment of Terminals 2-4 at JFK. From 1998 to 2011, Mr. Currier was the Principal, Project Manager and Engineer of Record for the project at Terminal 4 for Delta Air Lines and the American Airlines fueling project that transformed the two-terminal facility (T-8 and T-9) to serve the new 36-gate Terminal 8. Mr. Currier is currently supporting the airline committee (2015).

Florida Fuel Connection 2012-present: Conceptual Design, permitting, market and CapEx analyses of 4 multiproduct fuel terminals. Facility programming for each, throughput analysis based on weighted economic advantage, logistics evaluations, rail system integration, risk analysis, capacity and infrastructure concepts. Lead estimator for CapEx, lead permitting manager, chief engineer and Director of Engineering. Mr. Currier is the team leader for all disciplines to ensure design integrity, permitting success, cost control, and process efficiency. Mr. Currier also developed the economic analysis framework to determine market penetration and throughput for the multi-product facilities. Mr. Currier led the CapEx and OpEx estimates along with selection of local and specialized design and permitting professionals.

Additional Commercial Aviation Fuel System Experience