Kevin Flick

Director of Field Operations
Louisville, KY


  • Society of Automotive Engineers: (SAE) – member G-12- Co-Chair, G-16 Committee member of aviation
  • ASTM D2 Sub J- D1655- Member
  • A4A- Fuel Technical Committee: Member- former Vice Chair and Chairman
  • International Air Transportation Association: Fuel Technical Committee-Steering member
  • IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP): Inspector, Instructor Vice Chair and Chairman

Employment History

5/2019-present Currier & Company, Inc. – Director of Field Operations

2/1983-5/2019- United Parcel Service– Manager of Fuels and Deicers Technical Services


Since joining Currier & Company, Mr. Flick contributed to a number of on-going projects including the Philadelphia (PHL) Tank Farm Project (Fuel Quality and Management efforts) as well as on-site management and direction of all construction activity on a new 180,000-gallon pipeline fed airline consortium fuel farm at Ontario Ca which is being commissioned at this time.

Prior to joining Currier & Company, Mr. Flick completed a nearly 37-year career with United Parcel Service, holding leadership positions in Ramp Operations, Weight & Balance, Hub Operations, Training, and Fueling and Deicing operations. The last 15 years was responsible for and accountable as SME in Aviation fuel, Ground fuel systems, Including alternative fuels, quality, and regulatory compliance. In addition to this responsibility and experience. Mr. Flick managed the Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing fluid systems, quality and compliance, including training programs compliant to IOSA, DOD and FAA oversight inspection programs.


UPS Fuels/Deicers Technical Services Manager
From the beginning as a member of the implementation teams that created the Fueling, Deicing and Marshalling programs, hiring, training and initiating the business and growing to become the M&O GM for the Fuel and Deicing operations building the facilities, managing daily performance, nominations, inventories and into-plane operations. Grew into this role which included responsibility for global operations. Mr. Flick held this position 15 years prior to his retirement. While being the SME, Mr. Flick continued to hold leadership positions within several key industry forums including SAE as the acting Co-Chair for the G-12 Fluids subcommittee responsible for the AMS for all deicing and anti-icing fluids as well as the runway deicing fluids and solids, holding this position since 2002.

Airlines for America
Mr. Flick was the former Vice Chair and Chairman of the fuel technical Committee, and longstanding member since 1996, ASTM- member of the D2 Sub J committee for the D1655, IATA- He held positions of leadership and active participation from 2002 to 05/2019 within the FTC and IFQP Vice Chair and Chairman, remains active as an Instructor. Having completed hundreds of inspections, and IATA mission investigations around the world, on quality and compliance.